Our Mission

Since 2015, we’ve introduced Superhero Mythology to abused children to bring out their inner hero. Superhero Mythology sees ordinary people overcoming great tragedy to become a hero. Bruce Wayne saw his parents killed. Peter Parker was orphaned, bullied, and had his uncle Ben die in his arms. Clark Kent was a refugee from a doomed world and a foster child. They used these terrible moments to become Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. Using their power for good, they helped those who needed them most.

In 2018, more than 8,000 abused children entered the Children’s Center in Central Phoenix, victims of unspeakable abuse. Someone took away their right to be a child. The children visiting advocacy centers across Arizona endure medical exams, their clothing collected as evidence, forensic interview to tell the story of their abuse, and mental health treatment.

While they are there, The Foundation provides them new clothing, food, medicine, shoes, diapers, toiletries, and school supplies. While they are there, we ask them who their favorite Superhero is. Before leaving, that child receives the action figure and t-shirt of their favorite hero and smile for the first time since they got there.

We are unique because we work with children suffering from ACUTE abuse. Put on the Cape and help us help them.