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A IRS Designated  501C3 Non Profit, we empower children suffering acute physical and sexual abuse. We partner with advocacy centers in Arizona to ensure the children victim’s visiting have all their needs addressed. When their bellies rumble, we provide food and drink. When their clothing is taken as evidence, we provide new, clean clothes. When they leave, they are given their favorite Superhero or Barbie action figure. When they are sad and afraid, we give them courage and hope.



Healing through hope

Every Superhero has experienced trauma. Everyday, we are surrounded by children and families struggling to overcome the effects of trauma and discover the power within themselves. The Foundation raises money and in-kind donations to empower children, families, and communities suffering from acute abuse. We partner with child advocacy centers across the country to provide necessities such as clothing, toys, resources, and funds to meet their needs. This allows each individual, family, child, and community to focus on healing instead of basic necessities.

#PutonOnTheCape and help them find the hero inside themselves today!


board of directors


president/founder sean reavie

In 2015, Sean created “Superhero September” (SHS) as a way to empower children victims of acute abuse by introducing them to superhero mythology. A police officer since 2007, Sean has investigated crimes against children for six years. A two-time State of Arizona Police Officer of The Year and Two-time winner of his department’s Distinguished Service Award, Sean incorporated his highly successful series of superhero events into a non profit corporation to better serve child victims in Arizona. Sean holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Northern Arizona University (With Distinction/4.0 GPA) and is a tireless advocate for abused kids. His long term plans are to expand his events to his home state of Michigan and to become the largest charity of it’s kind. Sean and his wife Melissa live in North Phoenix with their three chihuahuas and French Bulldog.


Founding board member/vice president gus matos

Gus founded Heroes United AZ in 2015 with eight members. Gus met Sean at a SHS event in 2015 and the two had a hand shake agreement to mutually build each other’s organizations through promotion of SHS. Four years later, HUAZ is the largest Cosplay group in Arizona with more than 70 members. As SHS and HUAZ partnered to drive SHS to the largest donation event in the history of the Childhelp Children’s Center, as soon as Sean incorporated SHS into a charitable foundation, he offered Gus a place on the board of directors as Vice President and head of the Entertainment Committee. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Gus is a former Professional Wrestler who had dedicated himself to bettering the life of our most venerable.


founding board member treasurer danielle gilmore

A 2016 graduate of Arizona State University, Danielle earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science finishing with a 3.87 GPA. Danielle put her Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential to work when hired by the Childhelp Children’s Center as Volunteer & Donor Care Coordinator. Danielle’s first assignment was to aid Sean in promotion of the Second SHS event. Danielle fast showed her skill and passion and by year three, took a much larger role in SHS helping grow the event by 500 percent over year two. Designated “The Lady in the Chair” for her behind the scenes successes, Danielle became a fixture in future planning of the events. Upon creation of the Foundation, she quickly accepted Sean’s offer to serve on the board of directors as Secretary/Treasurer heading the Financial Committee. Danielle is the liaison between the community and the foundation. Danielle lives in the East Valley with her husband Brandon and their daughter Naomi.

heroes united az


It all started when…

Founded in 2015 by Gus Matos and Johnny Carwell JR. HUAZ has grown into the largest all inclusive Cosplay group in Arizona. A chance meeting with Superhero September creator Sean Reavie in 2015 led to a handshake agreement between Sean and Gus to help each other build their respective brands. By 2018, SHS became the largest single focused donation drive in the history of the Childhelp Children’s Center. During the same time frame, HUAZ went from eight members to more than 75. Clearly a mutually beneficial relationship.

The incredible growth of the promotion led Sean to create the Foundation and ask Gus to serve on the board of directors as Vice President and head of the entertainment committee. Gus and his committee are charged with updating the Foundation’s social media platforms and scheduling events.

With more than 75 Cosplayers at their disposal, The Foundation can provide Heroes, Villains, Princesses, and Star Wars characters.

For a prearranged fee, The Foundation will make HUAZ Cosplayers available for Movie Openings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, and other board approved events. All proceeds from the donation support The Foundation’s Mission and are tax deductible.

See the fantastic gallery of HUAZ Cosplayers and imagine your events with them included


With Great power…

Children’s Advocacy Centers in Arizona see children daily who are acute victims of physical and sexual abuse as well as other traumatic experiences. Our Foundation is unique in that we give aid and comfort to children who are victims of unspeakable crimes as they go through the investigative process inside an advocacy center. When their clothing is taken as evidence, we help provide them new, clean clothing. When their bellies rumble during their hours long stay, we help the Centers provide them food and drink. When they are overwhelmed and sad, we collect their favorite Superhero Action figure or Barbie for the Advocacy Center to give them to take home. When their parents explain their economic struggle, we make sure they can leave with school supplies, medicine, and hope for their child. We are asking for you to PUT ON THE CAPE and help us help them. Monetary and In-kind donations are the tool in which we can empower these precious children. Contact us and ask how you can help. All donations are tax deductible and go towards supporting Children’s Advocacy Centers and Crisis Centers throughout Arizona. When your donation is used, The Foundation will send you a letter telling you exactly who benefited from it. With Great Power…comes great responsibility.


Our amazing events!


The Put on the cape: a foundation for hope signature event series

Our events are living, breathing Superhero Rock and Roll shows. From our Signature “Super Main Event” to the incredibly popular “Superhero Shopping Sprees” The Foundation travels the valley playing to large crowds and bringing smiles to the faces of children everywhere.

Since 2015, The Super Main Event is our Championship game with more than 5,000 people attending over the last four years. Area businesses, vendors, face painters, balloon makers, live music, cook outs, and last year saw 48 Cosplayers from HUAZ help raise nearly $5,000 in three hours. Check out the photo gallery to see us in action. We are actively looking for sponsors for our Superhero Spring Spectacular in March. We want to expand into the East Valley with a Shopping Spree and the First Annual Superhero 5k is planned for May 18th! All proceeds to The Foundation to provide hope for our victim children.


Thank you to our official photographer

Tony Julius is a professional photographer and owner of Tony Julius Photographer since 2012.

Tony agreed to be our official photographer and gave his permission for his work to be represented here. We look forward to a wonderful relationship as Tony captures all the amazing moments ahead.

To book Tony for an event, please call (480) 650-3239

To see more of his work please visit www.juliusphotography.net




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